The 7 Best Cheap Flights from Toronto International Airport

Toronto City Skyline

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is home to Pearson International airport, which is a traffic heavy North American hub with many domestic and international fights arriving and departing. The presence of the airport brings opportunity for travel with different destination locales catering to different people. There are plenty of wallet-friendly flights available if you need a vacation. Here are some cheap flights from Toronto we’ve found to highly appealing destinations. We’ve included some past deals that Firefly List has found out of Toronto to give a reference point for a good price.

General tips:

Consider taking low season and peak season into account and book flights accordingly.

Based on our findings, the best cheap flights from Toronto tend to occur on Tuesdays/Thursdays and return the same day the following week. Flexibility is your friend here.

1. Toronto to Tokyo, Japan

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$388 Round Trip)

Japan’s capital is one of the most developed cities in the world in terms of facilities and architecture. Tokyo provides many things to do and top attractions like exhibitions, concerts, globally acclaimed restaurants, professional sports clubs, and traditional Japanese games such as sumo wrestling. It is also a region abundant in art and entertainment with various theaters showcasing everything from Ancient and western classics, symphony orchestras, and concerts on pop and rock music.

2. Toronto to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$410 Round Trip)

Rio De Janeiro, the second major city in Brazil that was founded by Portuguese colonists is home to soaring mountains, an enormous harbor, and long crescent beaches that tend to attract many tourists. The city has enriched the scenery with distinctive architecture from every era in its history as well as plentiful public parks and open spaces. The city is perhaps most well known for it’s beaches and astounding views. 

The average flight time from Toronto to Rio De Janeiro hovers around 16 hours which puts it solidly in our long haul flight category.

3. Toronto to San José or Iberia, Costa Rica

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$299 Round Trip)

Costa Rica, with its volcanoes, beaches, cloud forests, and unique wildlife, is a wonderland of natural attractions. It is a country which appeals to bird-watchers and luxury travelers as well as the surfers and the backpackers and is worth the long flight.

Both San Jose and Iberia, Costa Rica have many attractions to offer and you can often score cheap flights to either city. 

4. Toronto to London, England

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$413 Round Trip)

The British capital, London, is a diverse center of creative industries. It promises one of the largest collections of tourist destinations on the earth. The best part about London is that there is so much to do here and you can never run out of places to see. From royal palaces to the Westminster, galleries, parks, museums, and cathedrals as well as a massive ferris wheel providing a spectacular view of the river Thames, there are many places to visit and things to do.

5. Toronto to Rome, Italy

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$403 Round Trip)

Rome is packed with ancient monuments and religious heritage. The monuments, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon are a must-visit due to their importance in all of Europe. Meanwhile, the common attractions include the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, the spot where many visitors go to throw their coin for good luck.

6. Toronto to Kingston, Jamaica

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$314 Round Trip)

Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city and principal port stretches along the island’s southeast coast with the Blue Mountains as its backdrop. The renowned fine natural harbor, the Palisadoes, and the narrow peninsula built as a resort for leisure and tourism make it worth the travel.  

7. Toronto to Cancun, Mexico

Past Firefly List Deal: (US$270 Round Trip)

Cancun is the home to one of the wildest tourist regions in the Caribbean and beautifully situated on the edge of the forest-clad Yucatan, where Chichen Itza ‘s enigmatic monoliths grow over the colonial towns of Mexican Valladolid. Cancun is undoubtedly one of Mesoamerica’s most popular attractions and tends to attract many flights.