A quick guide on finding cheap flights from Miami (and Fort Lauderdale) to Anywhere.

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Interested in Hunting Down Cheap Flights From Miami to Anywhere Yourself?

Here are a few tips we have for you based on our data and findings.

1. Stay Flexible With Your Travel Date Ranges and Avoid High Traffic Days

While we realize this likely isn’t the first time you’ve heard this advice, it’s worth reiterating because it’s absolutely critical. The majority of extreme deal & mistake fares we’ve found for both international and domestic routes are most likely to depart Tuesday’s & Wednesdays and return the same day the following week or 14 days after.

Prices will often rise on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays as those days are when most people are free to travel as well as when most business travel occurs. Ideally, if you can plan to avoid these days when flying, you should, and you’ll likely pick up some cheap flight fares along the way.



2. Start Researching Cheap Flights from Miami 2/3 Months in Advance

Ideally, the further in advance the better. Traditional advice tells you to start your hunt a month in advance, we suggest even further especially when you need to evaluate low and peak season travel. 

Flight prices roughly will correlate with low and peak season demand but their are often external forces that can rapidly change the price of routes. We’ve found that out of Miami, the 3/4 month range is generally the best time to start evaluating flights. This is best done in conjunction with high leniency on travel dates as mentioned above.


3. Use Smart Travel Tools to Your Advantage

A couple of our go-to tools for locating cheap flights from Miami and other cities are Google Flights for general searches, Momondo, as well as Matrix ITA Software.

Check out our guide on Google Flights for more info on how we use it in our hunt for cheap flights.

We highly recommend using Momondos map search functionality as well. 

If you’re not interested in a specific travel destination, you can easily search for flights out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale departing in a preselected date range.

This will give you a global map of all the flights around the world departing Miami specifically in the selected date range. If you’re patient and willing to monitor these flights, you can often score some ridiculous deal fares that drop in price for sometimes only a few hours.

Many times, these fares will not even be announced by airlines and can be bought up extremely quickly.

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Happy Travels!