Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We also have a premium subscription. Free members receive on average 25% of the deals our premium members receive.

Very rarely. 95% of the flight deals we find and send out will be between 1-6 months ahead of time!

Using a combination of human power and software, we track flight patterns then A/B test price changes relative to airport, date, and airline variables. If a flight significantly exceeds it’s 50 day running average price, we send it out!

We send the deals right to your email inbox and include a Google Flights link or other booking medium for you to purchase the flight right away.

No problem! Simply navigate to the account tab at the top of this page, and click ‘Reset Password.’

Right now we only find and send international flights because they tend to have the most potential for savings. That said, premium members will receive flight deals to Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

This generally depends on how many deals pop up. we try to only send out the best possible fares, we don’t want to bog down your email. Free members can expect between 2 – 5 emails/month, premium members will receive about 4x this. However, this is largely dependent on your flight hub/departure airport and seasonality. 

Premium members get access to 100% of the flight deals we find, better deals, and flights to Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S Virgin Islands. . Similarly, premium members will also receive peak season and holiday flights. They’ll also be notified of the deals first for faster access to the best flights. 

Yes, premium plans will automatically renew on an annual basis. 

Glad to have you join us! You can signup for free here or register for our premium list here.

Definitely! Please reach out to support@fireflylist.com for any inquiries.

If you’d like your flight deals to be sent to another email, simply sign in, click on account, enter your new email in the email form, then click ‘Update Your Profile’.

Confused With Travel Lingo? Checkout the Firefly List Travel Glossary.