7 Cheap International Flights From Denver

So you’re looking for some cheap international flights from Denver to take you out of the country for a bit. Don’t worry we’ve got you! 

We’ve done our homework and using data collected by ourselves and using sources like Google Flights data and flight search matrices, we’ve found 7 destinations that frequently have deals for round trip flights out of Denver that won’t break the wallet. 

Some of these destinations are lesser-known and might surprise you! We’re considering a few different factors for these destinations such as how popular they are, how often reduced routes are announced out of Denver International, and flight quality factors like duration and stop-overs. All prices will be quoting round trip deals and we’ll be organizing flights by continent in this post. We’ll be taking into account both peak season and low season price fluctuations. As always, we excluded routes via budget carriers.

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Cheap International Flights from Denver to Central & South America

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR)

Good deal: High $200’s – Mid $300’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $252 Round Trip

Puerto Vallarta City Sea Side

Every so often, flight deals out of Denver international Airport (DIA) will appear to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a coastal resort city on Mexico’s western-pacific edge popular for it’s beaches, hiking, and nightlife scene. Both United and American airlines will frequently post routes to Puerto Vallarta, a great price is anywhere from $270 – $350 round trip.

2. Lima, Peru

Good Price: High $300’s – Low $500’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $286 Round Trip

Lima, Peru: City Skyline

If you’re lucky, you can often find some wicked deals departing Denver to Lima for a few months every year often dipping down into the $300 range via American Airlines and sometimes lower. Lima is the capital of Peru and is most well known for it’s art, food, historical architecture, and ancient civilizations. The coastal metropolis has something to offer every traveler, and for tickets this cheap? It’s absolutely worth it! 

3. San José & Iberia, Costa Rica

Good Price: Low $400’s – mid $500’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $363 Round Trip

Costa Rica Volcano

Who doesn’t love great deals to Costa Rica?

Denver has a few great routes to both Iberia and San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city. You can find routes to these two cities via Delta, American, and United airlines sometimes dropping into the $300 range. This most often happens during low travel season (November – March). Be prepared to act quickly, as we’ve noticed flight deals to Costa Rica often will rebound quickly.

Cheap International Flights from Denver to Europe

4. Paris, France

Good Price: Low $400’s – Low $500’s 

Past Firefly List Deal: $343 Round Trip

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Paris is one of the destinations that most frequently drops in price spontaneously for routes out of Denver. On top of that, it’s also been top destination for many of our members! The French capital city is most well known for its many monuments including the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triumphe. There’s a few airlines that commonly offer deal fares to Paris including United, JetBlue, and Iceland Air. The latter of which being where we find the most frequent deals appearing. Anything below $500 round trip to Paris feels like a steal, but you can often find routes substantially lower in the $400’s and sometimes in the $300 range with bags included. The best time to look for these flight deals is between September and January.

5. Dublin, Ireland

Good Price: $400’s – $500’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $378 Round Trip

Dublin Waterfront Buildings

Similar to Paris, you can find round trip routes out of Denver to Dublin in the $500 range and lower often via Iceland Air. Occasionally flight deals will pop up via Aer Lingus & American Airlines. Ireland’s eastern city is most well known for its historic architecture among many other features. The best time to look for great fares to Dublin is between September and March.

6. Rome, Italy

Good Price: High $400’s – High $500’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $357 Round Trip

Rome Colosseum

Wait what?! $357 round trip flights to Rome out of Denver? Yep, it’s true! In November Firefly List sent out multiple dates for round trip deals to Rome in the mid $300 range for non-stop flights. You can often find these routes in the later half of the year offered by Norwegian Airlines which commonly offers ridiculous international fares from Denver. While Norwegian typically offers the best deals to Rome with many non-stop routes out of Denver, you can also find routes via American Airlines and Lufthansa.

Cheap International Flights from Denver to Africa

Nairobi city skyline

7. Nairobi, Kenya

Good Price: High $600’s – High $700’s

Past Firefly List Deal: $564 Round Trip

Nairobi can be considered a bit of an outlier on this list. However, we’ve seen some great deals appear via AirCanada & Swiss Air to the Kenyan city out of Denver. Nairobi is well known as the only capital city with a national park where you can see large game such as lions, zebras, giraffes, and protected endangered species such as black rhinos. The best time we’ve found for Nairobi deals is between April and May, searching 3-4 months ahead of time. 

That concludes some of the best lesser-known cheap international flights that can be found out of Denver. What did you think? If you know where to look and are persistent enough, you can explore some phenomenal cities all over the world without breaking the wallet.

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